How long does A Day In Her Shoes run for?

All of October, you can choose any day during October as your day to wear heels, however, you can be raising awareness on social media using your facebook, instagram and twitter accounts all month.


Do I have to choose my day before I register?

No, you can register now and when you are prompted to choose a day you can select, ‘I’ll choose my day later’. We’ll send you a reminder email to select your day later :)


Can I change the day I have picked?

Yes, once you have registered and chosen a day you can change your day later on. There will be instructions for how to do this in the Registration Pack you will receive via email once you’ve registered.


Where does the money that is raised go?

‘A Day In Her Shoes’ is a social media campaign run by Abolishion. All money received will be allocated to Abolishion’s Restore project.





What is Restore?

Restore is an Abolishion project that supports survivors of Human Trafficking to live empowered lives. A BIG part of Restore is to get the first shelter to care for survivors of Human Trafficking, in our region of Romania, open by the end of 2015.


Who is Abolishion?

Abolishion is a not for profit organisation that exists to break the systems that keep people in sexual slavery. You can find out more about Abolishion on our website.


Can I donate directly to the Restore project?

Yes, if you visit the Restore page on the Abolishion website there is a link for donations.


What is Human Trafficking?

Sounds like you might want to sign up for our free email course on Human Trafficking?


What if I can’t wear heels?

Maybe you are pregnant or not in a position to wear heels for a day, that’s ok, you can still join the campaign! As an alternative to wearing heels all day we suggest that you draw a picture of a pair of heels on the back of your hand.


What if I am a guy and want to join the campaign?

So what? Strap on a pair! …and also put on a pair of heels ;)

If you are really not able to, as an alternative to wearing heels, we suggest that you draw a picture of a pair of heels on the back of your hand. (see above "What if I can't wear heels?")


Wow, this is such a great campaign! How can I share it with everyone?

What a great question! When you register you will get an email with a Registration Pack with details about how to spread the word on social media. We also have a Resource page where you can share images, video’s, stats and statements. Remember to use “#adayinhershoes”