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Things to post now:

July 30 is the day. Wearing heels and raising funds for Abolishion. Get on it. #adayinhershoes  #registernow


Join me in spending #adayinhershoes to raise $$ & prevent human trafficking.


Put on your heels to raise much needed funds for Abolishion's prevention programs #adayinhershoes  #fightinghumantrafficking


Get on board this fundraising campaign for Abolishion's anti-trafficking work! #adayinhershoes #registernow


#adayinhershoes campaign - Help Abolishion fight human trafficking right where it happens whilst also raising awareness about this important issue!


Put on your heels to raise funds for Abolishions anti-trafficking work #adayinhershoes #registernow


Hey fellas, strap on a pair and get involved in the fight against human trafficking #adayinhershoes


It doesn’t take much. It just takes a lot of us to join together. #adayinhershoes 


Join #adayinhershoes campaign. Raising funds for @abolishion prevention work 


Prevent human trafficking right where it happens.   #adayinhershoes


On July 30:


Today I am committing to do a #adayinhershoes 

(post with a selfie in your shoes)


My freedom means that our day will look very different, but today, we will wear the same shoes #adayinhershoes 


Lunch time! So many choices…what will I have?? Today I am reminded that not everyone has the freedom that I have to choose #adayinhershoes 


For the end of the day on July 30:


When my feet get sore I have the power to take these off. No one should be forced into sex slavery. #adayinhershoes 


Heels off, day's done for me! We’re the lucky ones. For some work is just starting… heels on #adayinhershoes 



Upload this picture and tag your friends to challenge them to do #adayinhershoes